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Production and development of rubber products! Custom rubber products.

We develop new ware on request, following the technical requirements and conditions of the client. We produce a wide range of: rubber, rubber-metal, rubber-textile ware.

      The company GAMA LTD was founded in 1998 with object of activity- production of technical rubber products and raw mixtures for them.
The creators and the staff of the company have professional experience in this field after the long-term work at the former factory LATEX, town of Byala.
The technical and technological potential gives the company a chance to develop new products and modern progressive technology in the métier.
Development of new ware on request, following the technical requirements and conditions of the client

We produce a wide range of:
– rubber,
– rubber-metal,
– rubber-textile.
We produce ware in the field of:
– mechanical engineering,
– industry,
– shipbuilding,
– agriculture,
– power engineering,
– transport

The firm GAMA LTD produces: conveyor belts, elevator driving belts, rubber, plates, lamellae, profiles, microporous and solid rubber profiles, gaskets, muffs, aprons, , cords, O- rings, band tires, bush-bearings, deadwood bearings, screw blades, pulleys, pads, cuffs, disks, membranes, resin, solution, padding, vibro pads, V-elastic, buffers, fenders, rubber strakes, impellers, pads, center-crosses, silicone ware.
The company GAMA LTD manufactures raw rubber mixtures on the base of: natural rubber/ NR/, /, nitrile rubber /NBR/, styrene rubber/SBR/, isoprene rubber/IR/, silicone rubber /SR/, fluorine rubber /FR/, ethylene propylene rubber /EPDM/.

Over 150 companies from all over Bulgaria are our clients. Some of them are: “ Terem- Ivaylo” LTD- Veliko Tarnovo, “Terem-Han Krum” LTD-Targovishte, VZ –Intercom LTD- Dryanovo, Tractsia AD- Samuil, LVZ AD –Pazardzhik, BRP AD- Ruse, State dredging fleet- Vidin, Svishtov, Ruse, Silistra, KFK AD- Varna, Dikon- Stara Zagora, Elika elevator- Silistra, Geotrading AD- Sofia, Engineering Consult- Ruse, Impression- Provadia. The production and sale of a wide range of raw rubber mixtures with varied technical and technological requirements represents a great deal of the turnover of the company. Since 2005, we have produced rubber- textile conveyor belts and elevator belts with:
– width: from 100 mm to 1000 mm
– thickness: from 2 mm to 20 mm
– number of textile inserts: from 1 to 10 pcs.
The company owns an 880-m2 building and the following technological equipment:
– mixing rollers          -1000/450
– mixing rollers          -800/550
– laboratory shaft            -400/250
– hydraulic press                      -2000/1000 – 360 tons
– hydraulic press                      -3200/700 – 1000 tons
– hydraulic press                      -1000/1000 – 260 tons
– hydraulic press                      -600/600 – 100 tons       4 pcs.
– hydraulic press                      -600/800 – 400 tons
– hydraulic press                      -500/500 – 63 tons
– hydraulic press                      -300/300 – 20 tons
– hydraulic press                      -250/250 – 10 tons
– hydraulic press                      -250/250 – 10 tons
– calander, 3 –cylinder -1000/400
– extruder       – ф 60 mm
– extruder       – ф 120 mm