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GAMA LTD is a manufacturer of polyester based type ER-100 conveyor belts. The number of textile inserts is from 1 to 12 with a rubber layer between them, with a total textile / rubber thickness of 1.5mm to 20mm.
The company’s technical capabilities are for the production of finished strip with widths from 100 mm to 1000 mm.
They can be with rubber edges on both sides, as well as with a unique configuration / relief / on the protector according to the customer’s requirements. The technical requirements of the rubber coatings comply with the requirements for functionality according to European Standards (BDS – 9965, DIN 22102).
Elevating belts are produced with a selvage from 1 to 12 textile layers and a thickness of up to 14 mm, as well as with openings according to the scheme and sizes announced by the customers.
The width of the elevator belts covers all sizes from 100 mm to 500 mm. The functional properties of the belts cover the conditions for resistance to abrasive materials, oils and grain.